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Arabella (アラベラ)ちゃん Arabella (アラベラ)ちゃん

"My Japanese friends call me Ara-chan, others call me Bella. I wake up with a smile on my face. My mother calls me her little Dragon Baby because I was born in the Year of the Dragon....or maybe it is because I make funny sounds. Thank you, Kay, for taking such good care of my parents!"

Livia(リビア)ちゃん Livia(リビア)ちゃん

"My name is Livia and I was born on January 1st, a very auspicious day in Japan. I was very excited to see the world so I arrived 3 weeks early. I am a happy baby who loves smile, laugh and talk to my Mom and Dad. I also love to play with my little friends."

エミーちゃん エミーちゃん

"I arrived 8 weeks early and weighing only 1650 grams. After nearly 5 weeks in hospital in Tokyo I was finally allowed to come home. I am now just over 4 months and weigh over 4kg and love to chat and play with my mum and dad and watch our two big fat cats, Misha and Ruski"

新那ちゃん 新那ちゃん


オリバーくん オリバーくん

"Made in Japan. I'm a very smiley and curious boy, who enjoys making new friends, and flirting! I'm getting a baby sister very soon!"

シャラニーちゃん シャラニーちゃん


ヴィヴィアンちゃん ヴィヴィアンちゃん

“I was 2 weeks late from the due date, but Mom and Dad said it was worth the wait. I am their everything. They are so proud of me. I am 11.5 weeks old in this photo. Mom and Dad said my smile is so contagious.”

ソフィーちゃん ソフィーちゃん


新太郎くん 新太郎くん


Zygmund(シグムンド)くん Zygmund(シグムンド)くん

" Made in Tokyo, I was named 旭明 after the idiom 旭日東升.I am a bright and cheery little boy and love trying out different types of food. My favorite toy is a dancing cat playing Shania Twain's I'm Gonna Getcha Good. Mummy thinks Kay's massages are the best!"

ガエルちゃん ガエルちゃん

"I've just turning one year old :) Mommy said I am a "big baby "now and its true!!! because I am able to walk now. :) You see!! I can even ride a horse! So much fun!!!"

優衣ちゃん 優衣ちゃん

『パパの抱っこ大好きなの!おうちにいるといつも抱っこしてくれます。でも土日しか会えないの(;_;) もっとパパと遊びたいな。ねぇママ、お仕事って行かなきゃダメなの??』

Graceちゃん Graceちゃん

"Born in Tokyo. I love watching my brother, swimming and putting everything in my mouth."

エリーちゃん エリーちゃん

"Hi everyone! My name is Ellie and I love to run around and play all day long. Mommy and daddy thinks that I'm really cute and they love me very much!"

Andrew(アンドリュー)くん Andrew(アンドリュー)くん

" I am a happy and big guy! One day soon, I'll be chasing my big sister Kjerstin, I am sure!"

Gaspard (ガスパール) Gaspard (ガスパール)

" My name is Gaspard. I am a French "genki" boy, always moving, crawling and eating things. My mum prepared everything for my birth in Tokyo... but finally I was born in France, closed to my grand-parents! But because my heart belongs to Japan, my second name is a Japanese one..."

エヴァちゃん エヴァちゃん

"My name is Eva, which means LIFE. I may have been born in the coldest April Tokyo has ever seen! My goal is to grow big enough to play with my brother, Oliver."

ソフィアちゃん アダムくん

"I was almost born on Easter Sunday, but I waited to arrive until 1:30 the next morning! I am 2 months in this picture and I already rolling over.Watch out Mommy! I also love to smile and coo at my big sister."

ソフィアちゃん ソフィアちゃん

"Hi my name is Sophia and I was born in Tokyo. I am a very social baby and love getting out and about and going to cafes with my mummy and daddy. But I also love having long sleeps at home with my teddy too."

アーニャちゃん ハルくん

"My name is Anya, and I was born in Tokyo. I love wrestling with my big brothers, and am looking forward to having a little sister very soon."

ハルくん ハルくん


拓哉くん 拓哉くん


Jacobくん Jacobくん

"My name is Jake and I love to jump and reach for things. My mommy loves to play with me and read me stories. I can't wait to start crawling and walking!"

Taysirくん Taysirくん

"My name is Taysir Mantelar. I was born in Tokyo from an International family French/Swedish/African. My name is Afro/Arabic and means the one who facilitates harmony. I will do my best to live up to my name and bring peace and harmony wherever I am."

心彩(みいろ)ちゃん 心彩(みいろ)ちゃん


優馬(ゆうま)くん 優馬(ゆうま)くん


一颯(いぶき)くん 一颯(いぶき)くん


Laylaちゃん Laylaちゃん

“My mom LOVES Kay's massages and I love when my mom and dad massage me!”

啓仁くん 啓仁くん


塁くん 塁くん


ジョエルくん ジョエルくん

『3,730gのBig babyだったけど、今でも抱っこ大好きな甘えん坊です!』

りあなちゃん りあなちゃん

『走って歌って踊って毎日楽しい!大好きな”げんこつやまのたぬきさん”は振り付けも覚えたの〜。最近はお人形の赤ちゃんにミルクあげたり、ベッドに寝せて歌ってあげたりして遊んでるのよ。早く弟か妹が欲しいなぁ・・ 』

ヤスパーくん ヤスパーくん

"My name is Jasper. I love trains, aquariums, trains, noodles, parks, seeing my friends and trains!"

James(ジェームス)くん James(ジェームス)くん

"I am so blessed to have been born in Tokyo. I am a smiley little boy who is very loved. I like to explore and meet new people and I am always ready to flirt! Kay-san helped give my mom some peace and relaxation while pregnant and after I was born which makes me happy."

花菜美(かなみ)ちゃん 花菜美(かなみ)ちゃん


マシューくん マシューくん

『僕、Matthew(マシュー)。ママは僕のことを、まちゅーって呼ぶんだけどね。ママは一人だけど、小さいママが二人いる。7歳と3歳の僕のお姉ちゃんたちさ。毎日とっても賑やかで楽しいよ! お姉ちゃんたちとかけっこをするのが今から楽しみなんだ。』

Gaspardくん Gaspardくん

"Hello everyone, my name is Gaspard. I love moving a lot and looking at new things, I am a very curious boy!"

アリス&イブちゃん アリス&イブちゃん

"We are little Australian Twin girls who were born in Tokyo. Mummy Loved getting massaged from Kay!"

TJくん TJくん


利空くん 利空くん


恵くん 恵くん


凌くん 凌くん


恒輝くん 恒輝くん


天くん 天くん


Haley (ヘイリー)ちゃんHaley (ヘイリー)ちゃん

"konichiwa! Ohisashiburi desu.
Heley Ann Bolin desu. Yoroshikune."


"I came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve! My Mommy and Daddy said it was the best family Christmas ever! Everyone says that I look just like my Daddy... I have his blue eyes, a dimple in my chin, his nose and even his ears!"

Danielくん Danielくん

"I was born in Tokyo, few weeks before Xmas. Before I was born, my parents went to see beautiful Xmas illuminations. I was so happy to share this magical time with my family! When I came home, I decorated my 1st Xmas tree and I received my 1st Xmas presents from Santa!"


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